The ‘Grill Nazi’ tells Robin: ‘No food for you!’

Robin Humbert

Everyone has heard the term “bar time,” when the bartenders set the clocks about 15 minutes ahead of time so that when they call for the last drinks, the patrons still have time to finish their beverages before they must leave. At Lawrence, students must acquaint themselves with the term “grill time.”Let me explain the term for those Lawrentians who are unclear about what I am talking about. During the Ben Folds concert, my roommate and I decided to leave the show early to make it in time to the grill to get food before it stopped cooking at 11:30 p.m.

We got there just a few minutes before and went to place our orders. My roommate was having difficulty with her Viking Gold, so while she was ordering, I left the line to browse the beverages.

When I returned, I had to wait while the cashier/chef finished a chore he was working on, and when he returned to the register, he would not take my food order. “We’re closed,” he said. I asked whether he was kidding or not, because given the situation, I found it outlandish.

I am aware that there are rules; however, no one was behind me trying to place an order. I would have been the last one. In addition, I was there prior to 11:30, and the only reason I tried to place my order at 11:30:26 was due to the delay, which was not my fault.

One thing bothers me most about this incident: it has happened to me before. One may ask why I am eating my dinner at 11:30 at night. On both occasions, it was very necessary for me yet personal so I will not explain in detail why, but be assured it was necessary for me to eat at that time. Also, I went to great extremes to get there, like leaving before the end of a show, which I was enjoying and had paid for.

I do not want the workers at the Grill to bend the rules for me, or other students, nor do I expect them to. But, I think that given the situation, the authority the worker asserted was too rigid. Therefore, I am writing this editorial as a warning to all hungry students: make sure to get to the Grill at least 15 minutes before closing to assure your order will be placed in a timely manner and you will get respectful service.