The important things

Brad Lindert

I thought it would be trivial for me to write about music at a time like this. Yeah, music is great and all but when events happen like the ones that have happened since my last article, you really realize what is important in life and what is not that important.One event is affecting the entire country and world. The other event hits closer to home for us and is something that has caused me to reflect the past few days.

Whether you knew Alissa or not doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it did happen. It has caused me to reflect on my life and the friendships that I have and the things I do.

Naturally, any searching of your soul will cause you to become enlightened about yourself. And I have learned about myself and my beliefs by way of this tragedy.

I have also learned where I take comfort in events such as her passing. I am not one for talking; I am more of a quiet reflecting type. I have noticed that I have used that word a lot, but it’s what I have been doing the past few days. While I reflect I walk and listen to music. Because for me, music is very important.

I have found comfort in a few albums lately. These albums have very little to do with loss, but for some reason I have really enjoyed them. And I know I said that I would not talk about music but, hey, you have to take solace in something.

Some find it in friends. (I do too; I really don’t want to sound like some loner hermit who never leaves his room or removes his headphones.) Others find it in continuing on with normal life, some have to be really busy, and others run or bike or swim.

I find solace in the melodies of Guided By Voices. Their jangly guitar pop can put a smile on my face and a bounce in my step anytime. Yeah, I know that sounds corny, and it is-but it is true.

But the reason I listen to music is really for the lyrics and I have found a lot of comfort in the lines of Tom Waits. Any song will do because basically they are all great. He knows how to write and his voice sounds like a grandfather telling you how it is or how it used to be way back when.

But the song that I have enjoyed most and also started to understand better is an amazing song by the amazing band Fairport Convention. They have a song from the album What We Did on our Holidays called “Meet on the Ledge,” which is a beautiful folk song of loss.

I find it fitting to leave you guys this week with some of Richard Thompson’s words from that song:

“We used to say/ That come the day/ We’d all be making songs/ Or finding better words/ These ideas never lasted long/ The way is up/ Along the road / The air is growing thin /Too many friends who tried/ Were blown off this mountain with the wind/ Meet on the ledge / /We’re gonna meet on the ledge When my time is up I’m gonna see all my friends/ Meet on the ledge/ We’re gonna meet on the ledge/ If you really mean it, it all comes round again.