Lawrence to reduce fall early returns

Kim Dunlap

Lawrence administrators have been discussing new procedures both to reduce the number of students returning to campus early in the fall and to improve the quality of New Student Week programs. The move to limit the number of Lawrence students who return earlier than Sunday, September 21 is due mainly to financial reasons.Dean of Students Nancy Truesdell has asked Student Affairs staff members to schedule employee training sessions and retreats after all students are allowed to return to campus, “in an effort to conserve budget dollars.” Students who return early must have meals and housing provided for them, and these services cost the University money. This practice will affect numerous campus organizations including Judicial Board, LUCC, and Career Assistants.

This new practice will not affect fall athletes, RLAs, and desk clerks, who will be allowed to return early because their schedules and training dictate that they return before the school year begins.

Truesdell will ultimatly make desicions regarding student groups who wish to return to campus early.

In a related issue, Lawrence will be implementing a new Welcome Week Leader program. Historically, student groups and organizations have volunteered to help greet freshmen and move them in.

According to Truesdell, this practice has not been efficient or consistent. Truesdell claims the new program will be more efficient and consistent because students will receive specific training that will familiarize them with the New Student Week schedule as well as prepare them to meet the needs of new students.