I Got My Name From Rock andor Roll

Brad Lindert

This being the last article of the term I wanted to say, “good bye Lawrence! You’ve been fun. Thanks for putting up with my rambles.” That is right. I, Brad Lindert, will be leaving Lawrence after this winter term ends.Luckily for all my fans, and my three or four friends, I am not leaving forever. I will be in London next term studying the London people and trying to find out what a lift is. While there I hope to write a few articles about the London scene. But since I am leaving you for a while I thought I would let you know what music I am listening to while my days are winding down here at ole’ LU:

Kanye West’s College Dropout is the first contender for album of the year. West lays down the type of rap that I love: thoughtful intelligent rap. He raps about knowledge, and the perfect music to listen to while getting it on. “Slow Jamz” is such a catchy sexy song. And “Family Business” has one of the best backing tracks in rap. My only problem is the over use of skits and intros. If I wanted a comedy album I would by David Cross or Chris Rock; I don’t need to hear rappers try and be funny. I want to hear their flow.

I was happy to hear that Talib Kweli and Common appeared on “Get Em High.” But I was disappointed to actually hear the song. It is the low point of the album. The best guest track definitely is “Two Words” which features Mos Def, Freeway and The Harlem Boys Choir.

And if you guys haven’t checked out Freeway yet, you need to, check out “What We Do” off Freeway’s debut. Oh, and is that violin I hear on “Two Words,” wow I guess that is. All I have to say is West knows how to lay down a killer track.The album closes with “Last Call” which features an outro basically laying out how West came to make his own rap record.

He mentions his history with Jay-Z, but to be honest I actually like College Dropout more than Jay-Z’s Black Album.

Well since I am heading over the pond I thought I should bone up on my Brit Pop. So, I have been listening to Morrissey. Kill Uncle is a pretty spotty album, but Vauxhall and I is one of the crown jewels in the Brit Pop kingdom. I have also been listening to Morrissey’s old band The Smiths. Their The Queen is Dead is the top when it comes to Brit Pop. Belle and Sebastian have nothing on these guys, and don’t you try and tell me The Rapture is anywhere as near as good.