A call for intellectual, political dialogue

Kim Dunlap

A few weeks ago, the Lawrence University College Republicans were denied the allocation of funds from LUCC to bring Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative speaker, to campus because LUCC did not want to appropriate funds for a non-“price effective” speaker. In addition, the finance committee asked the CRs to find a more “moderate” speaker. In the past, the College Republicans have brought in such speakers as Alan Keyes, Star Parker, and Bay Buchanan. Dinesh D’Souza is a respected intellectual who is distinguished among both conservatives and liberals. Although his honorarium is costly, the CRs feel that he would contribute immensely to an active, intellectual and political dialogue within the Lawrence community. LUCC’s decision to deny the allocation of funds for Disouza’s honorarium does not just affect the CRs–it also poses a detriment to the type of intellectually-minded dialogue within the campus community regarding pertinent political issues.

Going forward, the College Republicans are asking Lawrence students and faculty to help support us in bringing D’Souza to campus by signing petitions in support of LUCC’s allocating funds, which will be available at Downer as well as through individual members of the CRs.

Please help us bring a learned, conservative viewpoint to campus to further engage the political dialogue by signing the petition. If you would like to find more information on Dinesh D’Souza, please visit his website at http:www.dineshdsouza.com.