Gay marraige and suicide bombing

So recently in the newspaper all I see is two things: Gat marraige and explosions. In Chicago the other day, apparently protestors for gay marraige in Illinois backed up traffic downtown to make their point.
My problem is this: Who cares? Now you may think I don’t want homosexuals to be allowed to marry, but you’re wrong; I just don’t care. Let them get married, let them get divorced, let them eat cake. What does it matter? As long as you are not trying to marry me or back up traffic when I’m driving, then go ahead and have fun. More power to you, after all, the economy needs it because then they can go on honeymoons and the airlines can make money. So who cares?
But, let me think about it for a second. I guess traffic jams aren’t that bad. At least I’m not getting blown up. Martin Luther King Jr. where are you now? What is blowing people up or killing them going to get you? In Iraq, in Israel, in Haiti, in Uganda, in NYC, what makes someone think that by blowing up a bus, the U.S. or Israel or whoever, is going to say “oops, my bad. Here, take what you want.” And then they get mad when they get blown up or shot or detained right back. Some people! Call me crazy, but if you punch me, Ill punch you (or at least get my friends to do it).
I guess the whole point of this is who really cares? Why shouldn’t get gays get married, and what have people done wrong to deserve getting killed? Don’t block traffic, don’t blow me up, and if someone wants to do something that doesn’t hurt you, then who cares? Live your life, and as the illustrious Method Man said “Don’t (play) with mine.