Yuai community to hold open forum on smoking

Jonathan Isaacson

The recently announced smoking ban has caused much discussion on the Lawrence Campus but not enough action. At least that’s what the Yuai Community thinks.The Yuai Community scheduled a “Smoking Ban Conference” to address the issue that some students feel is a part of recent changes that have not involved the Lawrence Community members directly.

According to Mandi Roberts, the campus liaison for the Yuais, the event is open to students, faculty and staff. She said that the group plans to inform faculty members with a letter, inviting any concerned faculty members to participate.

As a way to educate community members who don’t know all the details, the Yuais also plan to gather all of the statements regarding the school’s smoking policy that have been made in the recent past on campus, particularly the statements from President Warch’s office and Lawrence University Community Council.

The group hopes that some sort of proactive plan arises from the conference.

“We’re looking for some action to come from this,” Roberts said, commenting that lots of people are talking about the ban, “But not enough people are actually doing anything. The Yuai community is willing to back a smoking ban repeal effort.”

Acknowledging that such a movement would require broad based support, Roberts said, “I’d really like to get the faculty and staff involved as well. Getting the faculty on our side would be the best [situation].”

While the Yuai community opposes the ban, the discussion is intended to bring together as many opinions on the subject as possible.

“We’re trying to get all views [on the smoking issue],” Roberts said, “Whether you are for or against the ban, come.”

The conference will be held March 4 at 8 pm in the Yuai house on campus.