Was it you?

Jeff Christoff

So, I almost got hit by a car today.Walking along with my mind far, far away, I all of a sudden sensed something large and white moving very quickly toward me. As I rushed to get out of the way, I saw the car swerve past the library and speed toward the rec center.

The rec center?

I normally don’t have a problem with cars driving around campus. I see security out and about all the time. And I’ve even directed my parents to drive away from Hiett through the rec center-Wriston path.

However, the possible loss of life or limb always seems to do something to a person. It pisses him off.

How dare you drive recklessly, rushing to the gym so that you can begin your cardio workout 30 seconds sooner than you would if you parked your car and walked? Why don’t you just walk? It’s not like you can’t walk. You obviously (probably) have the ability to walk, hence the driving and running, lifting, swimming, racquetball, elliptical, rowing, or whatever else you might do at the rec center.

Just please don’t take away MY ability to walk.

Before I explode any further, I’d just like to ask everyone that drives on campus to slow down and watch for pedestrians so that you don’t hit anyone, especially at night. It seriously only takes seconds to ruin someone’s life.

With that said, there’s a sort of curious overlap in what I’ll call (for lack of a better term) Hiett Lane, the path that goes from Hiett Hall to the Union. Is it a sidewalk? Is it a road?

It actually reminds me of my high school class trip to Italy, where cars and pedestrians shared the roads in peace. All we need are a few gelato and fruit stands and we’re all set. You know, kind of like the Brat Guy, only selling gelato and fruit.

To close, I’d just like to repeat: If you’re driving around campus, DON’T HIT ME!