Ultimate frisbee team competes against nation’s best

Janie Ondracek

Two weekends ago, both the men’s and women’s ultimate frisbee teams competed in the Ultimate Player’s Association College Regional Tournament.The men were eliminated in the first round after suffering losses to UW-Madison, St. John’s University, and St. Olaf, with scores of 15-1, 15-12, and 15-7 respectively.

Junior Dan Leers credits a strong offensive outing in the second half—Lawrence outscored their opponent by 3 points—for the close score against St. John’s. “We’ve got some really good playing from our younger players.”

Sophomore Keenan Herbon was named men’s tournament MVP. Sophomore Greg Hahnel cites Herbon’s defensive capabilities as his chief asset. “He’s our best handler. He can shut anyone down, especially against the deep pass.”

The women fared slightly better in the tournament, finishing with a 1-3 record.

“We were in every game until the second half. We scored against every team,” said senior Carrie Ehrfurth.

Their lone victory was an 11-6 triumph over Gustavus Adolphus.

Senior Faye Gilbert was named women’s tournament MVP. “She had great [defense],” said Ehrfurth. “She made great bids for the disc.”

Nationally ranked UW-Madison (7) and Carleton College (4) advanced to both the men’s and women’s nationals in Boston from the UPA Central region.