Mudd media library expands

Rachel Hoerman

The Lawrence Seeley G. Mudd library offers an ever-expanding collection of movies and music available for students for both educational and leisurely purposes. Most of the videos and CDs are requested by university faculty and staff for educational purposes. However, university students aren’t completely forgotten when movies and music are ordered.

Corrine Wocelka, director of technical services at the library, explains, “We always make sure to get some of the movies that were well-received or that have won awards. We have a mixed collection and try to keep in mind that some students are far from home, don’t get home during breaks, or stay here during the summer, and we want to make sure there are movies here they can sit down and enjoy.

“We aren’t a video store, but it’s fair to say we have some [movies] here for enjoyment.”

New policies at the library are also aimed at enlarging its media selection. The library has started to display new DVD and CD acquisitions with the new books in the center of the lobby.

Wocelka added, “Generally speaking, our policy is to buy the DVD of a certain movie if it is available. For students considering buying a VCR or DVD player, it would be best for them to get a DVD player because it’s the direction we’re going in.”

Both the music and movie sections of the media center have a multitude of new additions for the upcoming school year.

Conservatory and college students alike can expect CDs from a variety of Broadway productions and the “Blues Series” CD set from PBS.

The new arrivals for movie fans this year range from Japanese anime to Life is Beautiful to Roger Dodger, a film featuring Lawrence alum Campbell Scott.

The library offers a range of movies and CDs that all students are free to peruse.

“Our primary purpose is buying films used in courses,” Wocelka concluded. “Ultimately, we select films that are also well-received or that are of special interest to the students.