The Lawrence Love Column

Zach Patrick-Riley

Here at Lawrence, countless students have the notion that they’re never going to date while still attending this university. The most common reasons for this include the fact that there is not enough time in their chaotic schedules or there is no one even worth considering.We Lawrentians are very busy with our classes and plethora of activities. It’s almost as if we pride ourselves on growing gray hairs. I’d go as far to say that we are competing with the rest of the world to see exactly how much we can fit into any given day.
So we realistically think to ourselves, “I would like to date, but how would I fit it in?”

Allow me to coin a new term: the Lawrence Conundrum — LU students learn to habitually stress themselves out tremendously and prevent themselves from having fun.

If you find yourself having such thoughts as, “Why would I need a boyfriend when I have Mr. Mudd?” or “I am overloading, plus I have a job, etc., but this Committee for Playing with Squirrels sounds fun,” then you are eligible for or maybe already are a member of another club: LSAT — Lawrentians, Stressed All the Time.

Why would you want to do that to yourself? Being an LSAT poster child myself, I can tell you the answer: You’re just trying to get the most out of your college and Lawrence experience. However, the main underlying problem with this perspective is that people do not think dating is an integral part of their time here.

My fellow students, you have to keep in mind that dating and fun are important regardless of what rigorous program or obstacle you face.

Lawrentians also have the belief that there is absolutely no one here to date, or if there is, they have already been taken. Yes, we do go to a small school and the choices are not endless, but it’s quality not quantity. Your response to this is probably, “Well yeah, Zach, but there is neither the quantity NOR the quality of which you speak.”

My rebuttal: You may not find your ideal man or woman but we are still young. You have time; trust me. I am not advocating lowering your standards or putting on Lawrence Goggles.
But seriously, there are people to date or be interested in, you just have to expand your mind and not aim to find someone who shares the exact same interests as you.

Open your mind to the possibility of dating someone outside your common interest. A flute performance major in the con and a government major may not have much in common but that doesn’t mean they’re not compatible.

Overall, you might meet the person of your dreams where and when you least expect them. But please allow yourself to have fun. Don’t overwhelm yourself with LSAT clubs or the real “Lawrence Goggles” where you only see new groups to join, papers to write, or Mr. Mudd.