Bullock outlines plans for LUCC

Mary Born

Adrell Bullock, the president of Lawrence University Community Council as of this term, has big plans for the Lawrence community.
Some of his ideas include improvements to student parking, housing selection and even the academic curriculum.
Bullock is a junior from Chicago, Ill. A history major and philosophy minor, he has always had an interest in making a difference in his community, whether it’s the west side of Chicago or Lawrence University.
Bullock first became involved in student government in high school where he saw it as a way to make a difference for students.
When he got to Lawrence, Bullock became interested in finding a way to promote diversity and fairness among students and to improve the community in which Lawrentians live for the majority of the year.
LUCC has proved to be the best outlet for him to accomplish this, he says.
Bullock wasn’t sure if he was going to run for president until after Christmas break.
“This is a big job, and I wanted to be able to do the best I could with it, so I wanted to be totally committed,” says Bullock.
Bullock decided to run for office after listening to students’ complaints and ideas for improving facilities and programs. His platform rested on the idea that LUCC is a tool for the student body to voice their ideas and concerns.
“LUCC has a lot of power, but really it’s the student’s power,” says Bullock. “I don’t think enough people are aware of that.”
Bullock and his cabinet plan to speak on behalf of the students on any issue that may come up. He thinks that student government is an integral part of the Lawrence campus “because it puts students in touch with the administration and staff to make this a better place.”
This campus is a home away from home for its students, and through LUCC, Bullock wants to make it as comfortable and safe as possible.
Changes this administration plans on making include working with the city of Appleton to create more parking for Lawrence students and perhaps publishing a newsletter in The Lawrentian to keep students up to date about LUCC and the issues it’s working on. Housing, which has always been a source of consternation among students, is also an issue that LUCC plans to address.
Bullock says he and his cabinet want to make LUCC as open to the student body as possible and have as much communication with students as they can.
LUCC, he says, is ultimately about the students. As it is the most powerful student organization on campus with the loudest voice for Lawrentians, he encourages students to come forward with ideas or complaints.
The LUCC cabinet includes Stephanie Kliethermes as vice president, Daniel Martin as secretary of the finance committee, treasurer Ken Alvord, recording secretary Philip Roy, Sami Jankins as corresponding secretary, webmaster Ben Willard and Erik Eisenheim as parliamentarian.