Guest Editorial

Daniyal Noorani President, Muslim Student Association

Mr. Scott Sandersfeld represents a section of our population that are victims of making “whopping uninformed overgeneralizing” statements, and it is these very statements that are fueling terrorist Islamic factions throughout the world. The fact that Scott fails to even do any basic research with regards to the second largest religion in the world before writing an article in The Lawrentian just illustrates his unwillingness to learn about what Islam the religion is and not what Islam the FOX News Channel depiction of it is.
The fact that “the West” is willing to condemn the vast majority of the Muslim population as “liberty hating barbarians” based on the actions of the clear minority is what frustrates Muslims around the world. My point of contention is that Mr. Scott Sandersfeld has no sound basis for making such a highly offensive and misguided generalization of the Muslim population in the world. Yes, there are people who are holding signs saying “Behead those who insult Islam,” but they are a minority and not representative of Islam as whole.
Scott should realize that “when you point a finger at someone you point three toward yourself.” Let us take a look at some of the reasons for the development of “fanatic Islam” and how the “innocent” West has contributed to it. Does my friend Scott remember who supplied Al-Qaeda with weapons in the late ’80s? Does he remember who supported the Taliban and paraded them as champions of democracy? Does he know who abandoned Afghanistan when they needed the most help, so that it formed into a safe haven for people like Osama bin Laden? Who was it who promised to develop Afghanistan after invading it? Who was it who abandoned Afghanistan for another war? Who is going to abandon Iraq in this state for yet another war? If Mr. Scott Sandersfeld can answer some of these questions he will realize that the West is not completely without blame.
That said, my friend Mr. Scott Sanderfeld does have a point. The Muslim population does have a silent majority and a very vocal minority. I also do feel that not enough people in the Muslim community are vocal in their condemnation of terrorism. That said, I am not going to condemn the silent majority just for being silent.
My friend Mr. Scott Sanderfeld, you have clearly distinguished yourself from the Muslims holding signs saying: “behead those who insult Islam!” By saying that the most powerful military force in the world should “destroy and demoralize Islam,” you have clearly shown yourself as a “civilized liberty loving gentleman.” Well done Mr. Scott Sanderfeld. Point taken.