Staff Editorial

The subject of Convocation attendance, it seems, is not yet resolved. We at the Lawrentian believe that there are remaining obstacles that impede students’ willingness or even ability to attend Convos.
Convocation hour, as neatly lodged as it is between morning and afternoon classes, is inconvenient. Anyone with a 12:30 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays knows how awkward and rushed it can be to either attempt to grab and eat lunch at Downer or Lucy’s or stand in line with everyone else at the Grill. Students could do more to pack a lunch on Convocation days, stop at the Grill before heading to the Chapel, etcetera. However, between busy schedules and the price of a meal, many students do not have time to spend planning lunch. Convo hour is fine, but would it be too difficult to push afternoon classes back 15 or 20 minutes on Convocation days? Most likely, no one would feel put out by this. In fact, many professors would probably appreciate getting to eat their own lunch after Honors or Matriculation Convocations.
Another solution to hectic Convo days might lie in the hands of our professors. Perhaps the faculty would consider giving less homework on convocation days in order to encourage students to attend, so we don’t have to feel that we are neglecting our studies in order to enjoy a lecture.
Given how strongly the administration and faculty encourages our attendance to convocation — what with the phone calls, emails and posters — perhaps they could take our busy schedules into consideration and make Convocation days less stressful for the students at this university.