Classic Film Club up and running

Kirsten Rusinak

Looking to get involved, but can’t seem to sacrifice the time? Just turn that lazy, lonely Friday evening movie into an intellectual and social experience with Classic Film Club.The leadership of CFC was recently handed down to Davis Hudson by graduating students that she had known since freshman year. As a result, the club is still running at full strength. Daniel Schirmer and Vitaly Lorman have also been appointed to help run the club, providing new insights into the club’s improvement and popularity.

The club shows a film every two to three weeks in the library, in the first-floor viewing rooms on Friday evenings after dinner. The movie is followed by an optional discussion and democratic selection of the next film.

“To fit into the category of ‘classic,'” said Schirmer, “we have a rule of 20-25 years old, but it’s generally agreed that the focus isn’t necessarily on how old the movie is, but more of a measure of quality and underrepresentation.”

Schirmer agreed. “Age is not the most important factor; we want to show good movies that people with less exposure to classic films might not know about, or think of watching. A lot of these are old.” And yes, potential films do include more recent releases and those by Walt Disney.

Lorman added that CFC purchases the large-screen version of each film from an online company, reinforcing the main mission of the club by “offering the Lawrence community the opportunity to see little-known classic films on a big screen — for free,” said Schirmer.

Hudson noted, “Watching movies on a TV or computer screen just doesn’t compare to watching them in a theater. I think the theater setting makes for a much more thrilling experience — especially if the film is from another era, because one can get a sense of what the film’s first audience saw.”

Potentially, said Lorman, the club would like to have formal discussions, a speaker, and/or a weekend in Bj”rklunden. The club is also in the process of obtaining an adviser to further the intellectual quality of the films shown.

None of the leaders consider themselves experts in the domain of classic film, although, Hudson said, “It’s one of my lifetime goals to become one.” She added, “Movie nights are a ritual in my family. I grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock’s films over and over again.”

Movie buffs Schirmer and Lorman are equally enthusiastic about turning CFC from an informal group comprised of just a few friends into an established club at Lawrence.

CFC’s most recent film showing was “Bonnie and Clyde” with a decent turnout considering the club’s short establishment. Upcoming films include: “Chinatown,” “Lawrence of Arabia” and a special showing of “The Shining” during Halloween week.

For information regarding meeting times and places, contact Davis Hudson at