Editor’s Farewell

Katharine Enoch

The Lawrentian’s yearly tenure ends this term, making way for a new editorial board that will manage the paper for the next three terms. It has been an enjoyable year with several successes that have opened doors to new projects for the next board to tackle.
Although many current members of the board will stay on, there are a few new faces to introduce. Corin Howland will be assuming the position of editor in chief with Corey Lehnert as managing editor. Howland, a junior philosophy major, has been with The Lawrentian for two years on the layout staff. Lehnert, a sophomore psychology and religious studies major, joined the ed board last year as business manager.
For those of us “retiring,” we hope we have responded to your needs and interests as a student body. The Lawrentian is a student paper and your satisfaction will continue to be our primary goal.
-Katharine Enoch