Class of 2011 Profile

Brianna Stapleton

Next year a new crop of freshmen will join us on campus. What can we expect from the incoming class? Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Steven Syverson said that the group of applicants for next year’s freshmen offered a lot of variety.
“The freshmen were selected from a record-breaking pool of 2,597 applicants,” reported Syverson.
For the second year, applicants could also choose to do “test-optional” admission, choosing whether or not their ACT or SAT scores were considered in the admissions process. About 26 percent of the new freshmen decided to not submit their test scores.
Currently, 342 degree-seeking freshmen and eight transfer students have decided to join Lawrence in fall 2007. There are 181 women and 161 men in the incoming freshmen class. Syverson predicts that the final numbers will fall at about 350 freshmen and 10-12 transfer students.
Next year’s freshman class will be slightly smaller because the goal is to bring overall enrollment back down to 1,400 students from 1,429.
The new students come from 38 states and 24 countries. There will also be 12 students from Tokyo visiting Lawrence in 2007-08 through the Waseda program.
Syverson also pointed out that there are some especially notable accomplishments among the new freshmen class.
One student has written two novels, and another builds organs. Another student has met several Nobel Peace Prize laureates through a student group at her school. Lawrentians can also expect to meet an award-winning dog handler who shows Bernese Mountain dogs and a Colorado native who travels to Hawaii to surf with the Maui Surfer Girls.
At any rate, these new students will likely be a great addition to the Lawrence campus.