Masking, dancing, swimming

Shelley Ebert helps serve drinks at the pool party.

Last weekend, The Lawrentian caught some of the campus nightlife in action, and there was plenty of it. A Masquerade Ball, a pool party, and a swing gala all happened this weekend, one after the other. Reporters from The Lawrentian answered the call of duty to cover campus life, and, by giving up their precious time and efforts, they went on assignment to each “recreational function”, as it were, where they observed, recorded, and reported.
Even the band gets into the summer mood at the pool party.

The pool party had no fun in the sun, but plenty of poolside treats and chatting.

Students at the Masquerade Ball sit while Jacob Thomas, Nick Siegel, Mike Lee, Sam Scranton, Jenny West, and Lindsay Moore (not pictured) provide the tunes.

Fancy and not-so-fancy masks were given out to students at the Ball.

Students at the swing dance try out their moves.

The Houdini museum provided an exciting ambiance that less historical buildings could not have competed with. Students were able to wander around the exhibits when they were tired of dancing.

Some masks were scarier than others.

The Masquerade Ball, sponsored by Plantz Hall, brought smiles to the faces of the people who attended. They were treated to admission to the Houdini museum, tasty snacks, and exciting jazz tunes.