Rome wasn’t built in a day

I think that Cole Delaney, recent author of ‘Foolish Games’ has failed to take into account that no matter what legilsation, proposed by LUCC or otherwise, takes time to successfully implement. Additionally, it is very easy for one to take an active stance through one’s own words, as President Warch is proported to do in Delaney’s article, but what the Lawrence Community has failed to undertake is a practive stance on any major issue since the 1960’s. The Alliance, the first group to take action on a controversial issue for many years, has been deemed a threat to student wellfare by students and administration alike. But why are these requests deemed a threat?The fraternities did enter into an agreement with Lawrence to move to on-campus housing. As stated by the administration, the reasons for this action are dated. By increasing the college’s residential status on paper, the university was able to change its classification to a residential college. This change not only offered a new means to market itself for additional funds, but gave the university god-like control of all students claiming that this control created a better environment for students to intermingle and learn. The university makes it sound as if these fraternity houses were miles away from the rest of the LU Community when in fact they were closer than some of the small housing facilities in use today. So again one may ask, why all the fuss?

Many Lawrentians take an armchair stance on many issues at Lawrence. In all fairness, this is quite understandable. Students have many responsibilities that demand a large amount of time leaving little left over other activities. And as heard by several students, “why should I take time to change something that I will not be around to see?” This is the very attitude the administration banks upon and uses everyday.

Delaney has become a victom of his own words. With a bit less spin than Warch’s statements and with as much meat as a vegan daily diet, and despite all the trees wasted to print (even this article I might add), the armchair races are in still in full swing.

If the student body wants to make changes they must unit under a common cause and do more than just write articles about how this or that sucks. Show the administration that you are capable of unifying for a cause by holding demonstrations, picket lines, or anything else that visually shows the quantity of people fighting for what they feel is right. Let it be said however, many of you will not see the positive results of your efforts while matriculating at Lawrence. Rome wasn’t built in a day.