The Lawrential website registration process offered me several options for describing my relationship with Lawrence. One of these is ‘alumni/former student’. Please run that past the Latin department. I’m dredging up memories of Latin classes that were 26 years ago, so I’m not certain of my facts. However, I believe that as a woman, I’m an alumna. A man would be an alumnus. ‘Alumni’ is plural, so perhaps aside from people with multiple personality disorders, no individual can register as an ‘alumni’ and sleep sound in the knowledge that they haven’t butchered the Latin language.

Not that butchering the Latin language would be such a bad idea. But you get my drift.

And yes, I realise that I have included various sentence fragments and other violations of grammar in this missive. Feel free to tear it apart. But please do change ‘alumni/former student’.

All the best,
Resli Costabell
class of 1985