Draft Schedule for Harrison Symposium

Kim Dunlap

The Harrison Symposium in Humanities and Social Sciences will be held Saturday morning May 1 in Main Hall starting at 8:45. The following is a schedule, subject to change, of the day’s events. 8:45 Coffee, juice and refreshments, First Floor, Main Hall

9:00 Welcome, President Richard Warch, Main Hall 201


9:15 – 10:45 Panel A, Main Hall 104. Moderator: Professor Grose

9:15 Julia Beien, “African American Candidates and Electoral Institutions”

9:45 Rachel Hoerman, “With Them Were Their Homes: The White Captive Experiences of Eunice Williams, Mary Jemison, and Cynthia Ann Parker”

10:15 Sara Bergene, “The Influence of Title IX on Women’s Educational Levels: This Disparity between Minorities and the Other”

Panel B, Main Hall 401. Moderator: Professor McNeill

9:15 Stacy Anderson, “Myth in Ovid’s Exile”

9:45 Melissa Ruth Johnson, “1814 or ‘Tis One Hundred Eighty-Nine Years Since: Finding the Spirit of the Age”

10:15 Anne Hyde, “‘It Becomes Not the Mistris to be the Master’: Female Disobedience and the Problem of Honor in Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy and Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi”

Panel C, Main Hall 201. Moderator: Professor Hemwall

9:15 Erin L. Mustapha, “The Lost Boys of Sudan”

9:45 Carrie Brown, “Plaza Power: The Urban Built Environment and Community Construction”

10:15 Carolyne Lee Ryan, “Trapalanda: An Argentine Myth in Historical and Literary Context”


11:00 – 12:30 Panel A, Main Hall 201. Moderator: Professor Tapia

11:00 Jordan Webster, “The True History: Constructing the True History of Garcilaso de la Vega and Pablo Neruda”

11:30 Michael J. Brody, “El golpe de La Noche boca arriba por Julio Cort zar: dos interpretaciones de la realidad”

12:00 Kate Wilson, “La transculturaci¢n en las representaciones de la Conquista de la Nueva Espa¤a”

Panel B, Main Hall 104. Moderator: Professor Blitstein

11:00 Courtney Doucette, “Literature and Life in the Bolshevik Revolution”

11:30 Ray Feller, “Subtle Rebellion: Symbolism in World War II Camp Paper Money”

12:00 Christopher M. Hachfeld, “Attitudes Towards the U.S.: A Cross-National Study