Our favorite is Grey Goose

Linda Pinto and Heather Prochnow

The word “vodka” is a Russian endearment meaning “little water.” The clear liquor is tasteless and pure, and when mixed in drinks it is almost undetectable. It’s due to this that vodka is a staple in any bar, as well as one of the most common liquors on any college campus. It’s cheap (potentially) and goes well with any of the assorted juices from the Grill. But there’s more to vodka than Fleischmann’s lets on …
There is an old folk belief that if you inhale the fumes of vodka for more than a split second, you will get drunk too quickly. Hold up and put down the Fleischmann’s/Smirnoff/Absolut that you just picked up – this isn’t actually true. On the other hand, quickly throwing back shots of vodka in an attempt to slow down the inhalation intoxication process probably isn’t your best bet either … its been known to get people a little drunk.
How about a little bit of history on vodka? During the Cold War, it was known as the “drink of communism.” Lucky for you, the stigma didn’t last past the actual war itself, so partake freely.
Interestingly, potatoes and vegetables have been used in the past to make vodka; however, don’t run over to the bottom of union hill or – heaven forbid – Downer for some extra veggies quite yet. Nowadays vodkas are brewed from grains, principally rye. Good luck trying to find that in “C” line in between the stewed goat and seafood curry gumbo. After the distilling process, the spirit is filtered through a layer of charcoal … yes, charcoal. We’ve all heard the rumors that filtering cheap vodka through a Brita filter (because it has charcoal in it) will make it taste better, but we’re not entirely sure the hearsay is true. You are more than welcome to try it, though (let us know if it works out).
When serving vodka, the glass should be cold to the touch, and the vodka should be kept in a freezer. Remember that this is the liquor of the Baltic states, and that freezing cold is pretty much how they do things over there. So whether or not you have the fortune to enjoy Grey Goose, there are countless drinks involving this liquor that you may be glad you tried. Bloody Mary, flying grasshopper, golden screw, red devil, and silver nipple are all fun and interesting drinks that you can ask for at any bar.