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Lore-ence: “New Recognition Ceremony”

The following story is satire. All events and characters are fictional. We all like to be recognized for our hard work. Lawrence University has had a history of recognizing students and staff alike, as evidenced by the Honor’s Convocation held each year. However, this convocation happens once a year at the end of the year.

Lore-ence: “New Fall”

Fall in the Midwest often spurs pleasant memories and feelings. There is a lot to admire as the trees go up in a red, yellow and orange blaze as their leaves prepare to fall and Halloween festivities begin. In recent years, Lawrence University faculty has had a few forums about how to emphasize these fall

Lore-ence: “The Everything Fair”

Athletics, orchestra, band, choir, extracurriculars, jobs and academics: So many Lawrentians sport many of these different focuses on their resumés by the end of their time at Lawrence University. But while they are here, who can really keep track of everything that people are involved in? Who will celebrate that guy from your Freshman Studies

Lore-ence: “New Campus”

Generously given to Lawrence students in 1963, Björklunden has been an iconic refuge for Lawrence students.  Almost every Lawrentian falls in love with Lawrence’s other campus up north. Going at least once during a student’s time at Lawrence is considered a must, as the spectacular natural scenery can refresh even the most frazzled of students.


As all incoming Lawrentians know, there have been a lot of changes implemented this academic year. As opposed to changes in previous years, many of these have caused uproar within the student body. Among some of the most upsetting changes are new printing restrictions and changes to the meal plan.  Students are perplexed as to

Lore-ence: New student jobs

You don’t have to be a genius to know that attending Lawrence University is incredibly expensive, landing a large number of students into excessive debt. Genius status also isn’t required to figure out that getting a job is one way to slightly alleviate the crushing weight of student debt. Lawrence higher-ups are aware of this

Lore-ence: New crying spaces on campus

There are some things you just need a special place for. Bathrooms, laboratories and smoking huts all have specific purposes and rules for students to follow, and we as a campus are better off as a result. However, there is one thing that students do that currently does not have a specialized location: crying.