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Album Review: Weezer’s “Pacific Daydream”

When I write an album review, my general approach is to write the review about an artist that I know or like already. For this issue, I will be reviewing “Pacific Daydream,” the latest effort by ‘90s alt-pop goofballs, Weezer. I’ve always been a fan of Weezer, particularly enjoying “The Blue Album,” “Pinkerton,” and “The

Jazz Celebration Weekend brings talented performers to Lawrence

Storms and Nocturnes perform in Memorial Chapel. Photo by Marieke de Koker This Friday night at 7:30 p.m, the Lawrence Memorial Chapel was packed with community members, high school students traveling to Lawrence to perform for the weekend and all manner of Lawrence students and faculty. The performer on Friday night was a vocalist named

“Burial at Thebes” impresses with strong performances

“Burial at Thebes” cast during dress rehearsal. Photo by Billy Liu This Saturday, I had the pleasure of seeing Lawrence’s production of “Burial at Thebes,” directed by Professor of Theatre Arts and the J. Thomas and Julie Esch Hurvis Professor of Theatre and Drama Timothy Troy. “Burial at Thebes” is based off of Sophocles’s “Antigone.”