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Secret lives of our staff: Jake Woodford

Secret lives of our staff: Jake Woodford

Many Lawrentians still remember him as the LUCC president, but after graduating in 2013, Jake Woodford became President Burstein’s assistant. His job varies from helping prepare materials for the Board of Trustees to building a strong relationship with the Appleton community. As a recent grad, many people are probably wondering, how did Woodford get the

Civic Life Project offers opportunity to engage with community issues

Last year, as the new Hurvis Building was in the final stages of renovations, Lawrence was introduced to a course called the Civic Life Project that would impact not only the newly developed Film Studies department, but also the lives of Lawrentians. The Civic Life Project was originally created four years ago by Artist-in-Residence and

Freshman studies evolves each year to meet student needs

Freshman Studies—the class that most Lawrentians have in common. All freshman find themselves with an unfamilar group of people studying unfamilair topics. The course was created in 1945 by Nathan Pusey, the president at the time. The purpose of the course was to introduce freshmen to the liberal arts. The pillars of Freshman Studies are

The downside of ‘learning to live’ on a residential campus

College is meant to be a time to learn skills that will help you as an adult. Getting a job, being able to form a well-rounded opinion, writing and communication skills are all things that our liberal arts education seriously improves over our four-year stay. However, while we are off living on a residential campus,

Technology allows for connection and distraction

Avoiding technology in this day and age is nearly impossible. With everything evolving around the use of technology, including school announcements, teacher assignments, grading and even exams, how can students not be bound to their phones and laptops? According to freshman Kyle Labak, “We’ve been born into it, it has become such an integral part

Senior Koziara advances through prestigious Met auditions

The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions are designed for fledgling opera singers with promise in the field. The program is designed to give them encouragement and valuable feedback on their voices. On Saturday, Oct. 19, Lawrence University senior and voice performance major Ian Koziara advanced to the next round of the competition with four other