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Secret Lives of Lawrence’s new professors: part one

Secret Lives of Lawrence’s new professors: part one

By Ollin Garcia Pliego During the summer of 2014, Lawrence University hired new faculty members in order to expand some academic departments. While Assistant Professor of Anthropology Lavanya M. Proctor is returning to campus after a two-year period of absence, Assistant Professor of Economics Jonathan Lhost, the Director of Film Studies and Jill Beck Director

Secret Life: Kevin Goggins

After an extremely intensive and almost life-threatening experience working in a correctional , Kevin Goggins, a member of the Lawrence University Campus Security department, gladly chooses to spend the rest of his retirement ensuring the safety and comfort of the Lawrence community. He also extends his expertise by being an escort in the Chapter 980

Secret life of our faculty: Steven Wulf

The only political theorist at Lawrence University, Associate Professor of Government Steven Wulf has been teaching such areas as political theory, constitutional law and philosophy for the past 12 years. In his classes, he asks students what governments should and shouldn’t do through engaging anecdotes and thought experiments. He’s clearly enthusiastic about the subject, as

Secret life of our staff: Pa Lee Moua

The only full-time staff member of Lawrence University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), Pa Lee Moua has been a one-woman army, providing ideas and resources on diversity, culture and different demographics to Lawrence University and the Fox Cities region for nearly five years, and it’s paid off in more than one way. Last year, if

Secret life of our staff: Mary Meany

While many of us know Mary Meany as the fearless leader from Career Services, few are aware of her rich character beyond preventing Lawrentian unemployment.  This dean has a lot on her mind and some wise words for students in and out of the workplace. Originally hailing from Stamford, Con., Ms. Meany wanted to extend

Secret lives of our staff: Jake Woodford

Many Lawrentians still remember him as the LUCC president, but after graduating in 2013, Jake Woodford became President Burstein’s assistant. His job varies from helping prepare materials for the Board of Trustees to building a strong relationship with the Appleton community. As a recent grad, many people are probably wondering, how did Woodford get the

Secret life of our staff: Kristi Hill

As director of the Volunteer and Community Service center (VCSC), Kristi Hill’s has centered her life around helping others and has been extending her services to her community as long as she can remember. Hailing from Appleton, Hill is familiar with the needs of the community as a whole and has been coordinating the volunteer

Secret lives of our profs: Instructor of English, Ofra Amihay

Ofra Amihay joined the Lawrence University staff just this year. As a visiting English lecturer, she teaches classes such as Literary Analysis, Contemporary Jewish-American Literature and Biblical Narratives in Literature. Originally from a small town outside of Jerusalem, Amihay is far from home. When she left Jerusalem and came to the United States eight years

Secret lives of our profs: Assistant Professor of biology Brian Piasecki

Assistant Professor Brian Piasecki’s life revolves around dissecting questions about living things and figuring out how they work. This Assistant Professor of Biology has been teaching at Lawrence since 2011, but he is far from his hometown, Plano, Texas. Piasecki describes it as “a pretty suburban place with lots of strip malls and roads and