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Let’s Rush(-ssia) Delt, everyone

Let’s Rush(-ssia) Delt, everyone

Hello, Trivia. What a great weekend. There were break-ins, rabbit deaths and voice cracks, but the 49th Great Midwest Trivia Contest undoubtedly succeeded. Big shout-out to this year’s winners, Porky’s Groove Machine. You guys inspire us. Now, let’s talk about that Action Question, that glorious, bombastic Communist Rally on Saturday night. You brought songs, posters,

Keep the legal drinking age at twenty-one

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was required by the school to take a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) course simply titled “Health.” Sure, there were some blurbs about nutrition and exercise and why 15-year-olds shouldn’t powerlift, but the core of the class revolved around anti-drug and alcohol propaganda so idealistic, so

Ask a fifth-year: Preformance anxiety tips

Dear Will, I’m a freshman performance major and have been struggling a lot with performance anxiety. You have five years of performing experience — any tips? -Trembling in Trever   Dear Trembling, Nobody is going to get up in front of an audience and not have some sort of reaction. Performance anxiety is a completely

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Remember this? Ramón Castellano Lawrence University, Class of 2016 Religious Studies & Government President, Chi Rho Honor Society – Delta Chapter Remember when email signatures were short, informative and relevant? I’m wondering what happened. Today, I see far less of what’s above and far more—well, far more everything. Students today are making their

Trivia ups and downs

Armed with computers, good company, and caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, students assemble together with their teams to The Great Midwest Trivia Competition. Held annually since 1966, teams of students on campus and other participants tuning into Lawrence’s radio station listen to the questions, which they will have three minutes to complete. Teams on campus also

Between the Dome of the Rock and a hard place

Recently, President Mark Burstein and Provost David Burrows decided that Lawrence would not be joining the American Studies Association (ASA)’s boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The result was inevitably polarizing. On Lawrence’s Facebook group, the post immediately gathered plenty of yeas and boos, followed by some standard pro- or anti-Zionist rhetoric. As a Jew myself,