Y100, unpatriotic


June 14, 2002To whom it may concern:

I was very pleased with Jesse’s, of Appleton’s radio station Y100, retaliation to Peter Jennings about dropping Toby Keith for the July 4th celebrations this year. I am very displeased with how Y100 responded to Jesse’s program today.

The way I found out about Jesse’s program today was through my husband’s office. He had a patient that came in for an appointment and told everyone in the office. Of course our office staff thought it would be great to listen to it, so we did and all of our patients. Our secretary’s called their friends and families and had them listen too….

Jesse’s program probably drew more listener’s to the Y100 station than they’ve had in a long time. The talk of the program today spread like wildfire and people were tuning their radio’s to your station. The media coverage will no doubt draw a lot of PR, the kind that you cannot buy. Now, think of how Y100 looks in the listeners eyes by pulling Jesse off the air. I believe they look like the big bad wolf. Jesse looks like a person whose patriotism view was squashed by corporate. If they had continued to allow Jesse to play Toby Keith’s song for the rest of his show, that would have been fine, and would have made them look a lot better in my eyes.

Think about their advertisers now. With the amount of listeners that Jesse was drawing, the advertisers were getting maximum benefit from their advertisement. The advertiser’s should be pleased. I wonder how they are reacting to the big bad wolf now?

What a bad PR move Y100 did today! My thoughts of Y100 just dropped to the bottom of the bucket. I think what they did was tacky and an obvious poor decision on corporates part.

Jesse, myself, my family and friends support you and would like to say thank you.


Catherine Krueger
715-823-3672 (please do not publish my number, for questions only)