Domestic Gourmands

J.B. Sivanich and Mac Watson

JB: This weekend, my associate and I forayed into the wilds of Appleton, trying to find delicious food.
Mac: On our first stop, we were hungry before we had gone very far, and stopped at Gyros Kabob, a cute little place on the Ave.
JB: I was immediately impressed, thinking the $1.39 unlimited soda fountain drink with the classic, tall plastic coca-cola cups was a nice touch, and gave the restaurant a good “gyro joint” feel.
Mac: Sodas cost $2.25 in the campus center cafe.
JB: Wow, that’s a lot.
Mac: And that’s only 16 ounces. And they’ve got beer here too. Pretty good beer, but nothing on tap.
JB: I’ll stick with the soda.
Mac: JB only drinks appletinis.
JB: On another note, that small hummus and pita appetizer was delicious – the many pitas were warm and invited big spreads of the hummus, which had some special flavor to it.
Mac: Dill. It was pretty special, the plastic serving platter explaining what enabled the affordability.
Mac: The lettuce was a little limp, and at a first glance there didn’t seem to be that much, but that’s because of the mountains of tasty meat on my gyro – and I ordered the small! – The tomatoes, onions and cucumber sauce were delicious, and the cilantro added a wonderful finishing touch.
JB: My sandwich consisted entirely of vegetables, so I think I can speak to their delectability better than you can!
Mac: I don’t remember whose idea it was to order the marinated vegetables, but they were just about as good as marinated cauliflower and beans can be.
JB: I was busy giving most of my love to the baklava – it’s hard to go wrong with philo dough covered in nuts and honey.
Mac: My discriminating palette found the dough a little more chewy than its usual delicate self, but I snuck a couple bites.
JB: Overall, we were very satisfied, but –
Mac: This might not be the best place for people with, how should I say this, ulterior motivations?
JB: Yeah, it’s hard to score when you have cucumber sauce on your nose. Luckily, Mac is more or less clueless, so the one moment my exuberance got the best of me went unnoticed.
Mac: Wait, are you talking about the time you got cucumber sauce on your nose? Cause I totally saw that, and dabbed it off with your napkin.
JB: Nevermind.
Mac: But it would be a good place to go with a friend or a professor, enjoy a beer and some hummus over a stimulating conversation and heavier food.
JB: In short, if it sounds good at this restaurant, it probably is. And they have real pictures of all of their food online. Weird, but awesome and informative.
Mac: Just don’t look too long, or you’ll start craving a gyro and a beer.