What’s on your iPod?

1. “Run To The Hills,” Iron Maiden
I was not quite expecting this. The summer before my freshman year I was hanging out with friends that are really into hair metal, and this rubbed off on me eventually. I’m actually a huge Van Halen fan, but don’t tell too many people … this music is so full of pure energy. Ohhh yeah, and the guitar solos – Yes!
2. “Billie’s Blues,” Billie Holiday (remix)
This track comes off a great remix album of Billie’s licks mixed with different, recent sounds. I found this album in WLFM’s collection – there are some hidden gems there.
3. “Little Yellow Spider,” Devendra Banhart
Ok, what’s up with this guy? A lot of my friends love him, and I’ve legitimately tried to listen to him but the melodies are boring and the lyrics are too cute. C’mon, put some balls into it. Also, what’s up with his vibrato?
4. Dvo?†k’s Cello Concerto, “Allegro Moderato,” performed by Truls Mork
All right, here we go, this is more like it. This concerto is beyond sweet – it is everything I would ever want in a piece of music. There’s every color and texture in here. Truls is rocking on the cello as well, as usual.
5. “The Loner,” Neil Young
I love this song. I love Neil Young. I love the dirty, buzzing guitars. I don’t want to change the song to go on to the next one, but I need to get off this campus to get away for reading period.
6. “Anarchy in the U.K.,” Sex Pistols
I don’t have anything to say about this song. Punk is fun. If you’re in that mood …
7. “Don’t Go,” Nouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vague covers usually punk rock songs in bossa nova style. Every time I listen to this groups’s albums I am completely seduced by the thrilling vocals and steady bossa nova beat. It’s inspiring to hear classics completely redone by French masters.
8. “Sympathy For The Devil,” The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones – there’s really nothing like them. My mom was at the concert where the group of Hell’s Angels got into a brutal fight with the police, and death ensued. She’s creeped by it.
9. “Put It On,” Bob Marley
How stereotypical. I don’t care. I love Bob Marley anyway, even though he’s the quintessential reggae cliché.
10. “You Talk Too Much,” Sultans of Ping, FC
This band is from Cork, Ireland. They came out with one album that got loads of attention. The album is simple and sweet, very sincere and great to dance to.