As the Lawrence community mourns the loss of Prof. Goldgar, it remembers the care and dedication he gave to this university over his 52 years here. One particular aspect of this commitment that we at The Lawrentian would particularly like to remember is Prof. Goldgar’s loyal interest and support of this newspaper.
Prof. Goldgar was one of our most dedicated readers and by far the most vocal. His advice, support and good-spirited mockery have been appreciated by staff members for over 50 years. Whether in the form of a passing jest in the Memorial Union Grill or a long conversation in his office, his views on our progress were always clear.
This interest in the paper was returned by the admiration and loyalty of our staff members. Of all the members of the faculty, it was with Prof. Goldgar that our staff felt a special kinship. He was the annual focus of our April Fool’s edition, and his moments of approval were received with great pride.
Those of us on staff who were lucky enough to have personal relationships with Prof. Goldgar have memories of him that we will always cherish. We will forever remember him as this publication’s greatest patron, respected mentor and valued friend.