In Other News…

EL PASO, Texas – Eduardo
Ravelo, one of the FBI’s ten most
wanted fugitives has shaved his
head, undergone plastic surgery,
and even manipulated his fingerprints
to evade authorities, the
FBI announced Wednesday. Ravelo
is wanted on federal racketeering
charges but is also believed to be
responsible for dozens of murders
and assaults, as well as drug trafficking,
extortion, weapons offenses
and money laundering.
A report released by the UN
announced an Afghan monopoly
on illegal opium production.
Afghanistan produces 92 percent
of the world’s opium, caters to 15
million addicts, and kills 100,000
people every year. According to
the UN, corruption, lawlessness,
and uncontrolled borders result
in only two percent of Afghan opiates
being seized locally.