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Sofar Sounds shakes up Appleton

Sofar Sounds is a music experience that started in London in 2010. Departing from a traditional concert setting, where concert venues are large, loud, and chaotic, Sofar Sounds offers a more intimate experience than a typical concert. It’s a musical opportunity that fosters greater respect for musicians. This is facilitated through upholding a standard of

A Conversation on Activism with Helen Boyd Kramer

Many students are well aware of the importance of community activism outside of campus. Engaging in volunteerism and taking a stance on issues in the community and within society is essential towards creating change. Lawrentians are very involved with activism fighting against injustices on campus, and this spirit should be extended and brought to the

New Space for Bike Club

LU Bike Club, one of the newer additions to Lawrence’s student organizations roster since Fall 2016, is getting an upgrade. Besides working to define the mission and the scope of the group, they are also working to build a bike repair space on campus. As of now, the club executive board members include president and

Japanese students celebrate the age of adulthood

Students participate in the traditional Japanese Coming of Age ceremony at International House. Photo by Billy Liu There is no better way to start off the new term than in the company of close friends. Attendees of Waseda’s Japanese Coming of Age ceremony took this sentiment to heart on Jan. 6. The ceremony honored Japanese

Standing Rock in Historical Context

Student activists’ chalk art to raise awareness about Standing Rock amidst political whirlwind. Photo by Larissa Davis. In just this last week, many have learned about the escalating tensions during the protests against the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The construction of the pipeline would not only threaten the quality of water used by