Viking Room reopens patio seating to on-campus students

Customers wait while bartenders prepare drinks at the Viking Room’s newly reopened bar. Photo by Pei Robins. Shuttered since the end of Winter Term 2020, the doors to the Viking Room — Lawrence’s bar and social meeting place — were thrown open to student patronage on May 12. Fourteen months have passed since the last

Goodbye, Burstein

Photo by Sebastian Evans The Lawrentian reflects on President Burstein’s years at Lawrence following the announcement of his end-of-the-year departure Is this something we can do? That’s the question Lawrence University President Mark Burstein remembers asking himself, as he sat in City Park with his husband, David Calle, and gazed at the president’s house during

World News

Canary Islands A hotel in the Spanish Canary Islands has been locked down due to the coronavirus following the visit of an Italian doctor infected with the illness. Several hundred guests have been forbidden to leave. Italy has been hit the hardest by COVID-19 in Europe with 283 cases and seven deaths. However, globally there


LUaroo 2021 to make history this weekend

Just like everything else this year, Lawrence’s student-run music festival will look different from years past (and hopefully, from years to come). In recent years, the festival has hosted over a dozen traveling performers on the quad over Memorial Day weekend, supported by additional performances by Lawrence students.   One big change this year is

Opinions and Editorials

A Letter to the Editor

I am so glad that the Viking Room has reopened on campus and that The Lawrentian was interested in my opinions on the matter. However, last week’s article didn’t shine a light on the real stars of the show: graduating managers Angela Caraballo and Jailene Rodriguez and incoming managers Valeria Núñez Herdoiza and Prince Mukuna. They, along with our staff supervisor Greg Griffin, are the ones who deserve the credit for the VR’s smooth and safe reopening.

Arts & Entertainment

Movies, Movies, Movies

Army of the Dead, 2021, directed by Zack Snyder – 3/5 Stars  On the heels of one of Zack Snyder’s highest moments of his career, the release of his four-hour cut of Justice League on HBO Max, he has released another passion project this month, Army of the Dead. While this new zombie extravaganza doesn’t


Milo, the calf, and Weight Training Theory

The story of Milo is a classic in Greek Mythology. Milo, a famous Greek wrestler, gained immense strength by carrying a calf every day from its birth until it was a fully grown cow. The calf grew into a cow at the same rate Milo grew into a man, or so the story goes.  The

Online Exclusive

The Ariel 2013-2021

This special edition of The Ariel was brought to you by the staff of The Lawrentian and members of the Lawrence University Community Council. For Mark Burstein, as he embarks upon his next adventure. Thank you for your leadership and your light. The Ariel 2013-2021 by The Lawrentian or follow this link to read it: