Greek organizations to host weekend of philanthropic events

Lawrence University’s sororities and fraternities are joining together to host a Greek philanthropy weekend May 21-23, with an additional kick-off event on May 15. The weekend, organized by the Lawrence University Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council (IFC), the governing bodies of campus sororities and fraternities respectively, will include events that raise money for each Greek

Goodbye, Burstein

Photo by Sebastian Evans The Lawrentian reflects on President Burstein’s years at Lawrence following the announcement of his end-of-the-year departure Is this something we can do? That’s the question Lawrence University President Mark Burstein remembers asking himself, as he sat in City Park with his husband, David Calle, and gazed at the president’s house during

World News

Canary Islands A hotel in the Spanish Canary Islands has been locked down due to the coronavirus following the visit of an Italian doctor infected with the illness. Several hundred guests have been forbidden to leave. Italy has been hit the hardest by COVID-19 in Europe with 283 cases and seven deaths. However, globally there


The Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

A piece of Julie Esch Hurvis’s artwork hanging in the newly rededicated center for spiritual and religious life. Photo by Lucian Baxter. If you’ve spent any time on the Lawrence campus, you’ve likely seen the names Esch and Hurvis a few times. There’s Hurvis Crossing right next to the Warch Campus Center, the Esch Hurvis

Opinions and Editorials

What in the World: A response to the Editor-in-Chief

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Arts & Entertainment

The Book Club

As the weather slowly warms up and the tulips start to blossom, Lawrentians can see that spring has once again returned to campus. And, as a result, love is clearly in the air again as couples enjoy the sunshine and stroll in downtown Appleton with boba or sit in hammocks together on the Main Green.


Womens’ softball: Senior Night in Lake Forest

This year the Vikings Played at home against Lake Forest for softball’s Senior night. The results ended in a split, with the Vikings winning the first game 5-3. Then the second game went an extra inning with both teams having scored 7 runs, but in the 8th inning, Lake Forest took the win. I asked


Poultry Balls

 Chicky nuggy is a food that one eats sometimes. I like chicky nuggy sometimes. Chicky nuggy good. I haven’t eaten chicky nuggy in so long. Crispy chicky nuggy. Spicy chicky nuggy. What can you dip a chicky nuggy? Chicky nuggy in ketchup. Oooooh, chicky nuggy good. Chicky nuggy in mustard. Chicky nuggy in dijon mustard?

Online Exclusive

LU gets stoned

In 1895, a Lawrence University geology class took a field trip to Mosquito Hill outside of New London, Wisconsin. According to the legend, A. Arthur Bennett ‘95 and his classmates found a large boulder on the side of the road and decided to bring it back to campus. The students secured the use of a