Thoughtful honors convocation sees off Dreher

On Tuesday, May 24, the final convocation of the 2015-2016 academic year took place in Memorial Chapel. “21st Century Merchants of Doubt: Where Is Plato When We Need Him?” was the title of the event. The program opened with an organ solo from Lecturer of Music and University organist Kathrine Hanford, after which President Mark


Lawrence University student arrested on felony charges

In an email to the Lawrence University community on Thursday, March 17, Vice President for Student Affairs Nancy Truesdell wrote that a Lawrence student was arrested on March 15 as part of a “felony criminal investigation.” She relayed assurances from the Appleton Police Department that the campus community is not endangered by the felony charge


America’s Alternative History

On May 18, Teofilo Ruiz, Professor of History at the University of California, Los Angeles, took the Wriston Auditorium stage to present a lecture entitled “1492: The History of the Vanquished.” As we all know, 1492 was the year Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas and spread the news that he had “discovered” something great.

Opinions and Editorials

Letter to the Editor: Alex Damisch

To the Editor,   As a senior who cares deeply about the future of the Conservatory, I would like to draw attention to the state of the Conservatory for 2016-2017. Many studios are expecting very few new students in the 2016 matriculating class. The Strings department—comprised of the Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass studios—is, all

Arts & Entertainment

Meditations on Music: Lilith

As I left Harper Hall this past Saturday, May 21, I was filled with hope and moved immensely by the performance I had just witnessed—hope for new music, for it being heard, for more acceptance and openness to new music in the community. What instilled this strong sense of hope was the culmination of the


BLU Crew Awards

Last Friday night marked the beginning of a new tradition to be held out for many more years for the athletic community at Lawrence University: the BLU Crew Awards. The idea for this event had been suggested last year, but was unable to be held, so the committee has had this event in the makings

Online Exclusive

Summary of Honor Council Violations

The last time the Lawrence University Honor Council reported Honor Code violations was in Winter Term 2014. At that time, not all cases were complete, so the current publication is a list off all completed cases beginning from the last reported case in Winter Term 2014 and ending with our most recently closed case. Dear