Statement regarding the March 1, 2019 issue of The Lawrentian

The Lawrentian Editorial Board apologizes for the harm caused by the photo we included as a part of the article “POC Empowerment Week concludes with Cultural Expressions,” and thanks those who have brought it to our attention. We recognize that the photo does not accurately reflect the overall tone and message of the event it

BREAKING NEWS: New LUCC Vice President elected

Sophomore Maria Poimenidou was elected to serve as Vice President of LUCC. There is a three-day period available for any contesting of the election. After this period, the results will become official pending General Council approval on Monday, March 5.

World News

Compiled by Rikke Sponheim Algeria Since Friday, Feb. 22, tens of thousands of people across Algeria have taken to the streets to protest President Abdelaziz Bouteflika running for a fifth term of presidency. These have been the largest street demonstrations in over a decade in Algeria. President Bouteflika has been in power for 20 years


Travelogues: Ireland with Ming Montgomery

Senior Ming Montgomery. Photo by Anton Zemba. Lawrence’s 10-week terms are already intense, yet senior Ming Montgomery went even further by attending a 10-week conservatory-style term at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. Not only were Montgomery’s classes back-to-back from 8:40 in the morning until about 6:00 at night—unlike most study abroad programs,

Opinions and Editorials

Letter to the Editor

I found the recent The Lawrentian cover featuring a student portraying a “Mammy” in a satire play called The Negro-Striatal Function very disturbing–not because of the content of the play, but rather because the photo had been chosen to represent all of the events of POC Empowerment Week. Louric Rankine ’21, Vice President of the

Arts & Entertainment

Trumpet recital enraptures crowd

On Saturday, Feb. 23, Amos Egleston performed his junior recital with the help of some other talented performers. He performed six pieces in a 45-minute exhibition. The first piece was “The Four Corners” by Devin Drobka played by Egleston on trumpet with assistance from sophomore Ali Remondini on double bass. This was a pensive tune


Fencing travels to Ohio State for Midwest fencing conference

This past weekend, the men’s and women’s fencing teams traveled to Columbus, Ohio, where Ohio State University hosted the conference matches Saturday and Sunday. . I interviewed head fencing coach Michael Hall and asked how he thought the performance as a group varied from Saturday to Sunday. Coach Hall answered, “There were different events depending

Online Exclusive

LU gets stoned

In 1895, a Lawrence University geology class took a field trip to Mosquito Hill outside of New London, Wisconsin. According to the legend, A. Arthur Bennett ‘95 and his classmates found a large boulder on the side of the road and decided to bring it back to campus. The students secured the use of a