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Vagina Monologues seeks to educate, normalize ‘vagina’

Vagina Monologues seeks to educate, normalize ‘vagina’

Last Friday, Feb. 19, marked Downer Feminist Council’s (DFC) annual performance of “The Vagina Monologues.” DFC members performed skits from the play, written by Eve Ensler written in 1996. Vagina-themed patches—made by juniors Lexi Ames and Willa Johnson—were sold and all the proceeds went to Harbor House, an Outagamie County program to help survivors of

Krista Tippett delivers Convocation on “The Mystery & Art of Living”

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, journalist, author and radio host Krista Tippett delivered Lawrence’s Convocation, discussing the mystery and art of living. The subject matter comes from a well-known but unexpected figure—Albert Einstein. “Einstein’s real passion was science, but he became really disillusioned with scientists and the role of scientists in the early 20th century, so

LUCC discusses housing plan with emphasis on inclusivity

On Feb. 8, Lawrence University Community Council’s (LUCC) Residence Life Committee introduced new legislation regarding formal theme and group housing. This new system, called “Group Living,” allows for individuals to come together with or without an organization backing them to live in a group space. Despite this, group living still requires students to have a

Sankofa-CODA conversation focuses on respectability politics

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Sankofa House held an open conversation that revolved around respectability politics. A PowerPoint slide neatly summarized the gist of the topic: do not be angry, do not show emotions, get a degree and look put together. The hosts, sophomore Sabrina Conteh and junior Guilberry Louissaint, aimed to highlight the problems with

Gender-neutral housing introduced for new students

Lawrence University’s Class of 2020 will be the first incoming class to have the option of gender-neutral housing, as the second and third floors of Sage Hall are set to become available as additional gender-neutral residences. Over the last few years, the Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) Residence Life Committee has been gauging the gender-neutral

GLOW hosts panel on faith and sexuality

“The thing about conservative communities is that you have to figure out who is gay. A good way to tell, though, is by their shoes. Like my wife—she wore really gay shoes,” said activist Ify Okoye last Friday, Nov. 6, at the Queer People and Faith panel sponsored by Lawrence University’s Gay, Lesbian or Whatever

Fall Festival invites students and families to engage in LU occasions

The weekend of Oct. 16-18 marked Lawrence University’s annual Fall Festival. From sports events to gallery openings, the campus was abundant with activities for students and their loved ones. Sustainable Lawrence University Garden (SLUG) hosted a harvest fest, offering students dinner made from local food and produce from the garden. Junior and SLUG member Gillian

LUCC scrutinized for weekend conduct

Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) faced scrutiny after a weekend in Björklunden from Oct. 9-11 went awry. LUCC critics displayed their concerns quite literally, putting up flyers across campus highlighting their stance. Flyers read “Lawrence University Corruption Council, so that’s what the third C stands for.” In response, LUCC chose to address this scandal at

Cost of fire response raises alarm

With the new school year comes an old set of issues. Annually, students—hungry for popcorn or otherwise—set off fire alarms. While often inconvenient, these fire alarms can also become very expensive for Lawrence University. “The first time the fire department is called, there is a $100 fee and this increases each time,” said Assistant Dean